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Talk with Dr Singh over the phone about your chief concerns and why you may be looking for an Integrative/ Functional Medicine physician.  A good chance for you both to see if this partnership would be a good fit and what would be the next steps if it was.


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Integrative/ Functional Health New Patient
(Initial Appointment):

Cost: $800 for 2 hour appointment, $300 of which is due at time of making appointment


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Together, we will explore all aspects of life that affect your health and well-being and will start the process of creating a whole-person approach to your health care. This will also include a full physical examination. 


An integrative approach addresses your body’s ability to process past experiences, rid itself of toxins, regulate hormones and neurotransmitters, have a healthy immune and inflammatory response, digest and absorb nutrients, and maintain structural integrity, psychological and spiritual equilibrium and produce the energy you need to live your life. We offer a wide array of available interventions and always customize a personalized treatment plan. Treatments, including the healing that comes from being listened to and understood, may include:


  • Lifestyle changes pertaining to diet, exercise, mind-body practices and emotional health strategies.

  • Supplement recommendations including herbal preparations, botanical medicines, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids based on validated testing (prescription drugs supplied if indicated).

  • Hands-on treatments/ referrals, as needed.

  • Lab testing as indicated.  Tests done by your PCP/ other specialists are pertinent and can be reviewed if made available.

  • A comprehensive, individualized plan to meet your goals.


Follow-up appointment:

Cost: $350 for 1 hour appointment, $100 due as deposit at time appointment made


Follow up Forms


Time to review test results, reassess and reevaluate progress and recalibrate the plan.  It is not uncommon two steps backwards for every step forward until we find the right rhythm for you.  Keeping an open mind, maintaining positivity and remaining optimistic is absolutely vital at this point.  You will be asked to complete a follow up health questionnaire at each follow up visit.  



Pediatric Appointment:
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